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Thursday, January 7, 2010


you can now continue to read my internet stuff at onlinewebsiteinternet.com this blog is now retired. goodbye, blog!

all the old blog stuff will still be on the new blog. i imported it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


will : it is the east, and juliet is the... hmmm

editor: can you put something in about knights

will: no, that makes no sense in this story

editor: knights are really in this year and your sales are down

editor: what about "it is the east and juliet has a sword for jousting"

will: knights use lances for jousting, not swords

editor: just make somebody a knight



leroy p. dietz has been commenting on my blog

I want to invite you to write a guest post, leroy, but not in your standard way of communicating, which, so far, has been a whole bunch of chinese characters linking to different shady web scams. I want to get to know the real Leroy P. Dietz.

nicholas mirra: blog?


Thursday, December 3, 2009


it's kind of funny if someone has a name that means something else (like chips ahoy, or philip head) and then that person's job has nothing to do with their suggestive name. i like to imagine meeting those people.

hi, my name's al, al dente. I'm a pediatrician

hello, i'm ray, ray deeayter. i fix rollercoasters.

hi, i'm lily, lily white, i am a mud importer

well, it's nice to meet you, i'm dirt bike, dirt bike jumping over a grand canyon. i'm from maine.

you get the idea


I think that, above all else, Obama is a cool president and is therefore a good trendsetter. I think I'll be sending some troops into Afghanistan this winter as well. i'll finally be one step ahead of those stylish hipsters

Monday, November 30, 2009

be a music label

sex piano is trying to offset part of the cost of our ep with this fundraising thing. if you want some cool stuff/to support sex piano so we can continue to record more music, check out the site.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog bl0g blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog

you know when you type a word so many times that it loses it's meaning? blog still means blog to me

blog blog blog blog

still blog

blog blog blog blog

there we go. what is blog?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buster's son, Turnip

Hi, I'm Turnip, Buster's son. You might remember Buster from last year's Thanksgiving. Well-- I'm an elder now, and it's my turn to be eaten. I sure am excited!

Well... the honest truth is that I'm NOT excited for Thanksgiving. I'm a transrefection identified turkey. That means, I'd rather be eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal than being served in one. As you can probably guess, this makes me an outcast in the turkey community. Most old-fashioned turkeys think I just need to go to summer camps where they teach you how delicious you will taste and how the turkey God wants us to be eaten. Then, we are eventually served as the main course of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, repressing all our desires to actually eat that dinner. Some of us transrefection Turkeys never even "come out of the Turkey shack" and realize what is happening to us.

Well, I'm out, and I'm saying it loud: I want to eat a warm, well-seasoned, filling Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I don't want to be served as it's main dish.

If anyone has any questions about the turkey community and it's repression of transrefection identified turkeys, please leave them in the comments.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


William Carlos Williams: so much depends upon the dog
Elena Carlos Williams: that is not great
William Carlos Williams: So much depends upon a blue dog
Elena: also bad
William: so much depends upon a red dog wheelbarrow
Elena: c'mon, bill

i'm in a recording studio

sex piano is recording our ep professionally. we're done recording all the noises and we're hanging out while brian mixes it

we'll soon be starting a kickstarter campaign to fund part of the ep. i'll post about that but, no kidding you jerks, it's going to be very good to listen to on headphones or speakers or in a car or wherever. even the airport or in a mine or somewhere else